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Matzoball, Adam Sandlers English Bulldog

Adam Sandler is a longtime owner of English Bulldogs, including two that have passed on. Meatball was the first of Mr. Sandlers passion for the breed, followed by Matzoball, and now Babu. Adam Sandler maintains a tribute site to his two former bullies including photos and videos.

Below is a video of MatzoBall snoring. If you are an owner of an English Bulldog or thinking about acquiring this breed, be prepared for massive snoring as seen in this video. English Bulldogs love to sleep and moreover they enjoy a long hard snore that is quite funny.

Snoring Matzoball, the Adam Sandler Bulldog Video

Enjoy a few picture we found on the internet


Matzoball kiss

Check out the Adam Sandler Website about his English Bulldogs

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