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The English and French Bulldogs Names

Collection of puppy and names

Have a new addition in your family?

You find a lost puppy or just trying to come up with that perfect name for your favorite pet?

Every pet owner knows that finding the right dog can be very difficult. Our site purpose to help to find a good names for your pet.

The English bulldog

Consider the following important naming tips:

- Make a short-list of preferred names.
- Keep it simple, as possible.
- A couple of syllable names are best.
- Try to choose a name that is easily recognized.
- Is the name easy to call out?
- Base the name on how your pet acts!
- Names shouldn’t sound like standard instructionsË™ (eg. Sit, stay ..etc.)
- Try it out. When you find a name you like, give it a test run for a few day.
- If it feels natural, keep it! Otherwise, try the next name on your list.
- If your darling is adopted, try and keep the name your pet already owns.

The French Bulldog

Bulldog names:

  • Balboa
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male
    Like Rocky Balboa. It’s a strong name.

  • Beauty
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female
    A bulldog named beauty is sure to be a beastly bulldog( lie Beauty is the beast instead of Beauty and the beast)

  • Bella
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female
    To me Bulldogs generally look like old italian mobsters so it had to be an italian name. Bella in italian mean beautiful (Bell in Freach means beauty). And her name suites her.

  • Boss
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male
    He is a very wide chested reverse brindle american bulldog and when he walks around the yard he looks like he’s patrolling keeping and eye on the other dogs. He’s a big baby with a mean look.

  • Brutus
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male
    Because, it sounds like a tough name, and that is what bulldogs look like, Tough.

  • Bullet
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male
    I recommend this name because its sounds cool.

  • Chief
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male
    I like this name because my dog thinks he’s the chief of the house.

  • Chubs
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male
    Because they are chubby.

  • Flappy
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female
    Because their face is flappy.

  • Hogan
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male
    Bulldogs are mainly

  • llorona - the ll is a y sound
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female
    The ll is a y sound. It means crybaby in spanish, and some baby dogs are cybabies! You don’t want to walk around hollering for crybaby, but it sounds better in spanish.

  • MiMi
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female
    My dog is a bulldog and we named her after a name in the movie rent

  • Ogre
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male
    Fits the mean, tough and scary look of the bulldog that belies his sensitive, playful, and affectionate nature - “Hey Ogre, want some cookies!?!”

  • Oliver
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male
    Oliver (Ollie) I think it is such a strong name and comes from the “English” background! It also is my handsome Bullie’s name too!

  • Patty
    Category: Dog - Gender: Unisex
    I saw a show and there was a Bulldog named Patty he was part of an 6 dog pack and I think it is a cute name for a bulldog

  • Raider
    Category: Pet - Gender: Male
    The Football name team.

  • Shoei
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male
    Shoei is a motorcycle helmet company… everyone loved my bulldogs name.
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female
    I have an American Bulldog named Tank. Hes a big beefy dog. But he is super sweet!

  • Tanner
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male
    It is cool and it is a strength.

  • Tugg
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male
    Because he is so darn strong but also slow…like a tug boat

  • Wrinkles
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male
    For a Wrinkly faced dog

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